Trends in Death and Humidity

by Aglow Hollow

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released November 27, 2016



Track Name: Go Easy Low
go easy low
well we've lost the road and this song is overdue
but we've still got friends in high places
and if it clears at night we'll see their faces

nothings going to make sense for a while forever
and you got words but they don't reach where we are going to
quiet for a now there's the ring and the static
there's the stars where they are

and though I can't see her she is still with me
she could've done better
but she's a fool for fools
and we've been lost for so long together
i forgot the fight and lost some hunger

and if you need to leave in the night
i can show you to the edge of the hollow
yeah i made a deal to keep my life
i've done well by the stars where they are
Track Name: Winter 1
hey I got my wings to sing again
I almost didn't make it to the fall winter gate again
and I didn't think I'd have to pay but time took a piece of me away

hey I got my wings to sing again
and what I've lost I take back with teeth of lightning
well the old guard knows that I've got sand

and there ain't nothing here I wouldn't leave
but I swear I won't go easy
Track Name: Bob Burns Down
bob get back to the land
bob gets down to the ground
welcome back our prodigal son
to who know where
our love has not spoiled the waters
and you are free from the good life
and the interests of private nations
to the road that splits the light
into darkness or dopamine
and the fat of your passion
self ignites
and you burn down like a tire fire
Track Name: Set Mock Precedent
Well they're going in to get it, they got to see how far it's spread
It doesn't serve to believe what's real
And I can not pretend that I am forgiven
I need to spin a mock precedent
Something that knows as I am known
Something that rises out of the mud and loam
And looks me in my eyes
Though I know I know love and I love you
They're still going to cut me open
So I need the best of the winding lies
As long as I can get it to rise with my mock precedent
And I expect to align whats left of me with you
And every thing of beauty
Keeping faith in my mock precedent
Scheming up a good dream
With my mock precedent