Stunted Psalms

by Aglow Hollow

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released February 28, 2016



Track Name: Soft Call
I called softly for you tonight and I waited
It got dark and wet the others left but I stayed
cause I needed you to know that I know that I owe you
and I didn't choose comfort cause it wouldn't give me peace
so please accept this offering
Track Name: Two Loves Long
I don't dream anymore when I sleep
be koja rafty Shams Tabrizi?
I don't dream anymore when I sleep
and all all I know now is that I long

I was ordered to go long because I long
and I'll always return to you but if I don't move I don't breath
I have to tend forgotten gardens where the corn don't grow
Where when I was a kid I used to hang with the good friend

but I have two loves that pull me separately
there's you who has my heart and there's a hole in the wind
and I don't dream anymore because there's no need
I know my two loves and I know that I long
Track Name: Browulf
Hey Brother Wolf I won't forget your name
Followed your tracks in the days when I timed out through the bogs and the spruce and the snow
The meek think you keep some kind of wild peace
The dim think you work for a darkness
They try to tidy up the hedges at the edges of the gardens of good and evil

some are crunching numbers some are buckskin drummers some are adjusting their scopes
and laughter thunders out of the halls of the gods its standing room only for the Sacred jokers
but the wild is what the wild does
Brother Wolf who framed thy inconvenient symmetry?
Track Name: Slow Heel
the damage won't get undone
but now you know how to slow heel
they'll only remember where you were
you move so slow nobody knows where you're going
you move so slow nobody sees you right here

and the hard part is to know those who may never know you
and another hard part is to keep patient with the trajectory
all the spoils only last as long as the game
and its as good as it gets if its all you know
but you and I know better
do the slow heel