Sonic Maps and Pictographs for Our Haunted Children in These Dark Times

by Aglow Hollow

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released January 10, 2017



Track Name: sonic maps and pictographs
It was all I could do to keep up with you
and I had to learn the craft because I don't move as fast
I've taken my time to study your sign
And I've tangled brows with the ancients
Now I've got sonic maps and pictographs
So I won't overstay my welcome
And if you like them you are more than welcome
Not so hungry not in so much need
But still a sucker for hardcore beauty
I had to leave the mountains so I could regain my sins
I'll take this bird in hand and offer it to the wind
Track Name: missed Hendrix
I missed Hendrix
But what he cut still breaths
What he cut helped me build a home within this sonic kindom

back in 83 I was sure a merman I would turn to be
But I got lucky and found this deed
I got lost and I got freed by the requisition

To find a trick to bend the air
Just long enough to get a good breath
Just like Jimi did

I used to sleep and dream
Of endless places full of curves and trees
And I'd awake and I would ache
I got tasked with a lesser mission to go find a glowing hollow

Hey baby mamas I've listened to your children
Too many of them don't know that they're a part of this great dance
You better let them find a piper worth his salt
You better pray they find a doctor who's an accomplished magician

To find a trick to bend the air
Just long enough to get a good breath
Just like Jimi did
Track Name: 0.5 ascension
one half ascension hovering over the snow waiting for clearance